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NEW Exotics Wingman Wedges Set to Release on 10/2

Tour Edge has ingeniously crafted the Exotics Wingman Wedges to stand as their most advanced wedge to date, showcasing cutting-edge design and technology.

Tour Edge’s Wingman wedges, featuring cutting-edge milling and technology, provide golfers with the ability to achieve versatile spin, precision, and a superior feel during both full swings and delicate finesse shots around the green. This innovative design equips golfers to excel in every aspect of their short game.

These newly crafted forged designs incorporate VIBRCOR pockets, elevating the feel of the club, while a constant 3.0mm offset enhances forgiveness and consistency. Additionally, a larger Triple-Traction Milled Face is integrated for optimal control over spin.

Inspired by the expertise of Hall of Famer Bernhard Langer, the Wingman Wedge’s forgiving nature can be attributed to its unique constant offset design. Langer, a staunch advocate for offset technology in wedges, passionately endorses its performance advantages for both professional and amateur golfers.

The offset feature in these wedges automatically positions the golfer’s hands ahead of the leading edge. Thus eliminating the potential for improper lift at impact and optimizing wedge performance. Offset is a rarity in wedges, especially in forged designs, making it an exceptional addition. It ensures that the club’s bounce interacts with the turf at an ideal angle. Resulting in cleaner contact and enhanced control, particularly beneficial for golfers with inconsistent wedge swings.


These wedges feature deep undercut pockets for VIBRCOR TPU, enhancing feel, reducing sound and shock, and increasing MOI for added forgiveness. The milled high-toe pad design with a toe-weighted “wing” raises the CG, creating lower launch and greater spin, optimizing face angles, and working seamlessly with the offset design for enhanced accuracy and control across loft variations.


The innovative Triple-Traction Face technology incorporates three milled areas on the clubface: milled grooves, micro-grooves between the scoring lines, and milled toe lines. This expanded strike zone on the face is 10% larger than conventional wedges, resulting in increased spin in all conditions and enabling greater versatility and creativity in your wedge shots.


The sole of these wedges features a distinctive milling process that creates three different grinds to cater to various player preferences and turf conditions. There’s an F/S Grind tailored for players who prefer a firm turf and have a sweeping path tendency, with bounce options of 6° or 8°. An M/N Grind suits those with a medium turf and neutral path, offering 10° of bounce. Lastly, there’s an S/D Grind designed for players who encounter softer turf and have a digging path tendency, providing bounce options of 12° or 14°. This comprehensive selection of grinds ensures golfers can choose the ideal wedge to match their playing style and course conditions.


The F/S ‘Firm Sweeper’ plays on predominantly firm ground and/or has a sweeping attack angle at the ball. Firm ground conditions and/or a shallower sweeping path require less bounce on the sole of the wedge to minimize turf interaction. 


The M/N, or ‘Mid Neutral’ grind, is designed for golfers who typically play on medium-firm ground or encounter a mix of firm and soft ground conditions. It’s also suitable for players with a neutral attack angle when striking the ball. In such scenarios, where the ground conditions are medium and the attack angle is neutral, the mid-bounce on the wedge’s sole is particularly advantageous. This grind provides the right balance of bounce to optimize performance in these conditions, enhancing the golfer’s playability and control.


The S/D, or ‘Soft Digger’ grind, is specifically suited for golfers who frequently play on soft ground or experience deep, digging attack angles when striking the ball. In situations where the ground conditions are soft or the golfer’s attack angle is steep and digging, having more bounce on the sole of the wedge becomes crucial. This added bounce helps prevent the wedge from excessively digging into the turf, offering improved performance and preventing undesirable interactions between the clubhead and the ground.


You can actively customize the swing weight of the Wingman wedges with a 5-gram weight placed at the center of the VIBRCOR pockets, tailoring it to your liking. Additionally, a range of other weights, including 2.5 grams, 7.5 grams, 10 grams, and 12.5 grams, are available to fine-tune the swing weight and overall feel of the club, allowing for precise customization to match your individual preferences and performance needs.


The Dynamic Gold 115 wedge shaft purposefully offers golfers a lighter alternative to the traditionally dominant #1 wedge shaft, providing them with more versatility and choice. It provides a mid-low launch and spin profile, catering to the specific needs of golfers seeking improved performance in their wedge shots. The Dynamic Gold 115 wedge shaft actively enhances control and optimizes wedge shot trajectory, leading to improved overall playability for golfers.

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