Nike golf bags are returning in 2020.

Nike is releasing 3 all-new golf bags in 2020 that have a classic fan-favorite design that is found in many popular golf bags today.

We were super excited to have Jeff Stewart from Nike join us during a recent episode of the Hosel Rockets Podcast. Not only did he discuss some of Nike’s future releases in 2020, but he also brought 3 of the bags on the show for us to show our viewers.

In episode 7 of the Hosel Rockets Podcast, we sit down with Jeff Stewart from Nike Golf. He shows off 3 brand new Nike Golf bags. The Nike Air Hybrid bag, Nike Air Sport bag, and Nike Sport Lite Golf Bag are soon to be released in 2020. During our Jackburgeroni segment, we talk about our favorite holes in golf.

Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag Timestamp – 24:19

Nike Air Sports Golf Bag Timestamp – 26:38

Nike Sport Lite Golf Bag Timestamp – 28:15

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