New 2019 Taylor Made P790 Irons (IN-DEPTH REVIEW)

The new TaylorMade P790 Irons pack a lot of punch into a slim, classic design that offers great distance gains for almost any player.

The new blade irons by TaylorMade are absolutely beautiful and due to some key innovations, these blades are actually usable by almost any golfer as opposed to other blades that are often made for more advanced golfers.

Now any golfer can have beautiful clubs in their bag that make them feel like a pro out on the course.

Through a mix of forged clubs and the use of TaylorMade’s revolutionary SpeedFoam Tech these clubs have a buttery feel as well as more bounce off the face that increases your distance with no additional effort of your own.

This new SpeedFoam Technology is made up of a light urethane foam that is injected inside the head of the club and is engineered to go right of to the limits of face design to maximize speed and feel like the best club you have ever hit.

Additionally, they have added a Tungsten weight in the shape of a bar on the back of clubhead that is placed lower in the club to create a lower center of gravity as well as get you higher launch.

These clubs are built around a hollow body construction model that allows them to inject the new SpeedFoam tech as well as allow space between the face and body to increase the explosive speed of the clubface, as well as give more forgiveness for the average golfer.

The TaylorMade P790 irons also feature a Thru Slot Speed Pocket on the bottom of the clubface that actually gives the club forgiveness when you contact the ball lower on the face and therefore creating more consistent distance on your shots so that you can recover topped shots with fewer consequences.

Lastly, these irons also feature inverted club technology (I.C.T.) that is strategically located on the face of each iron to make you more accurate and maintain consistent speed even on off-center hits.

If you want a complete review of these new irons, go ahead and watch the video above and if you want to buy some of your own, you can here.

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