Mizuno Makes an Impact With New Release in the Putter and Ball Market

Mizuno, the global specialty sporting goods company, is proud to announce its return to the putter market with the launch of the premium M.CRAFT line of putters, along with unveiling two new soft compression balls that offer superb distance and a prolonged ball flight thanks to their unique 566 dimple patterns and high energy cores.

M.CRAFT Putters

Mizuno has long held an enviable industry and tour-wide reputation for crafting the very finest golf clubs and the first edition of the new M.CRAFT putter line follows very much in that tradition.

Forged from premium 1025 mild carbon steel, then CNC milled to create the most precise shape and alignment, the M.CRAFT putters will be available in March 2020 in three initial classic shapes.

The M.CRAFT I is a square back with mid slant neck and max toe-hang, suited to an exaggerated putting arc. M.CRAFT II, is a classic heel-toe putter with plumber’s neck and mid toe-hang, matching a moderate putting arc and finally the M.CRAFT III is a face-balanced mid-mallet delivering stability for golfers with less putting arc.

All putters in the M.CRAFT range are forged and CNC Milled from 1025 mild carbon steel for incredible precision and feel, while deep face milling creates a softer feel and pure roll.

At 355 grams, each putter head promotes a fluid, rhythmical putting stroke; however, an additional weight kit that includes two 3 gram weights and two 13 gram weights, which can be interchanged with the 8 gram fitted weights, allows each M.CRAFT putter to be adjusted to a variety of putting conditions.

Each head style is available in three stunning finishes:  Classic White Satin, bold Blue ION, and intense Black ION.

M.CRAFT putters feature a Nippon Original shaft, Lamkin Deep Etched Full Blue cord grip and come with a premium patch M.CRAFT cover in Mizuno’s classic staff colors and emblazoned with the leather M.CRAFT mark.

RB566 and RB566V Balls

Following the success of Mizuno’s premium RB TOUR and RB TOUR X golf balls, which received a Gold Award in the 2019 Golf Digest HOT LIST and a place in Golf Monthly’s Editor’s Choice for 2019, Mizuno, a Japanese company, is continuing its successful expansion into the ball market with the launch of the RB566 and RB566V models.

The RB566 and RB566V represent Mizuno’s next generation of soft compression golf balls. Featuring unique 566 dimple patterns and large, high-energy cores that reduce driver spin and increase launch for efficient, stable flight, the RB566 and RB566V balls deliver balanced performance and extra hang time.

“We can now produce even softer compression balls that prolong their flight through aerodynamics. A softer core works to elevate trajectory and straighten flight – and now there’s no trade-off in distance,” says Norikazu Ninomiya of Mizuno Japan.


This is Mizuno’s softest compression ball. That combined with the 566 micro-dimple design helps to delay the rate of descent past the apex of the flight, thereby maximizing distance. The large, soft compression core combines stable, straighter ball flight while the Ionomer cover offers impressive greenside feel and durability.

The RB566 will suit players with mid to slower swing speeds in warm conditions and players of all swing speeds in colder, or soft ground conditions.


The RB566V features a 3-piece construction for maximum velocity at launch. Like the RB556, it showcases a 566 D-dimple design which has been engineered to delay the rate of descent past the apex of the flight, but the V delivers a slightly higher launch angle.

Soft compression with a 3-piece construction and Ionomer cover, the RB566V is nimble around the greens while the high-energy Butadiene core also enhances feel and improves velocity. It’s a ball designed to suit all players in all conditions.

Joining the award-winning RB TOUR and RB TOUR X in Mizuno’s impressive golf ball line-up, the RB566 and RB566V promise to deliver a superb blend of balanced performance, distance, feel and durability.

Mizuno has strived to “create the best products for consumers” for 114 years, and the new M.CRAFT putter line and RB566 and RB566V lines adhere firmly to that original spirit and desire, while offering the best performance benefits that modern technology can bring.

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