Milled Vs. Cast Putters: What’s the difference and Which is Best For You?

Although putters may not make it into the spotlight as much as drivers and irons, they are still widely popular. Many companies are working extremely hard to advance the technology allowing the everyday golfer to shoot like the pros and the pros to drive their scores even lower below par!

One main area of debate, advancement and discussion is the difference between and the benefits of milled putters vs. cast putters. Which is better, what advantages they have and so forth. As a result, one of the biggest questions that golfers have to answer when choosing a putter is if they want it cast or milled.

However, not all golfers know the real difference between the two or how they are even made and, as a result, we thought that we should explain the difference between the two.

Cast Putters

First of all, we have cast putters. These putters are molded into shape using hot metal and a mold and are typically made of a few different pieces that are put together to create the head of your putter.

This can be beneficial in regards to some scientific advancements with the use of synthetic materials to increase topspin, reduce skid, allow for more power with less effort and so forth.

However, with cast putters, you often have hot spots and soft spots that allow for some inconsistencies in the club that make it hit harder in some areas and less hard in others. This is one of the main complaints with these kinds of putters as this can cause problems for the pro golfer who needs to be able to rely on his or her club to consistently hit with the same speed and accuracy.

Cast clubs, however, are often much less expensive ranging from $100 often to around $300 for most putters making them more easily accessible and potentially the better option for the beginner to intermediate golfer.

Milled Putters

A CNC milled putter is actually a putter that has been milled out of a brick of aluminum which allows them to be extremely exact, and more importantly, adds more consistency to your putting.

They make these types of putters by taking a raw piece of aluminum and stamping it out dozens or in some cases, hundreds of times under literally tons of pressure to get it as dense as they possibly can. Then they have a machine, basically, a large drill bit, come in and drill out the putter, making a complete putter head out of the brick of aluminum. This creates a putter head that is one piece with almost no imperfections making more putts more consistent and reliable.

Typically, milled putters are much more expensive than a cast putter and often cost anywhere from $500 – $1,000.

The reason they are so expensive is that there’s just so much more material that’s needed and a CNC milling machine usually starts at about half a million dollars for one, so there’s a lot of expensive technology that’s involved in the process.

These types of putters are typically best for the advanced golfer or the perfectionist who wants to know that their putter is perfect, so any missed putts they have are their fault.

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