the left is the TP5 Box for the Taylormade Dragon Golf Balls, and on the right is the box for the TaylorMade TP5x Dragon golf balls laying on grass.

Limited Edition TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x Pix Dragon Golf Balls

Limited edition TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x Pix Dragon Golf Balls are available now, to honor and celebrate the year of the dragon.

As we embark upon the Year of the Dragon, what better way to celebrate than by infusing your golf game with the mystical prowess of these remarkable TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x Pix Dragon Golf Balls?

With an eye-catching design inspired by the mighty dragon, these limited edition golf balls encapsulate the essence of power, strength, and creativity. The Pix Dragon golf balls are available in both TP5 and TP5x. Whether you prefer the softer feel and higher trajectory of the TP5 or the firmer compression and lower spin of the TP5x, rest assured that these balls will take your game to mythical heights.

Now, we must warn you, these golf balls are flying off the shelves faster than a dragon in pursuit of treasure! Don’t just take our word for it; during the photo shoot for this very blog, multiple fellow golfers approached us, eager to learn how they could get their hands on a dozen.

So, seize the opportunity to acquire your own dozen of TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x Pix Dragon Golf Balls before they vanish into the mists. Head over to today to purchase.

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