The 2024 Chrome series includes, the Chrome Soft, Chrome Tour, and Chrome Tour X

Callaway Golf’s 2024 Golf Ball Lineup: The New Gold Standard

Callaway Golf’s 2024 lineup unveils Chrome Soft, Chrome Tour, and Chrome Tour X, meeting the distinct needs of golfers at every level.

The 2024 Chrome series includes, the Chrome Soft, Chrome Tour, and Chrome Tour X

Callaway Golf is continuing to raise the bar with their latest 2024 golf ball lineup. This collection introduces 3 products, each with four distinct variations: TruTrack, 360 Triple Track, Triple Track, and White. The 2024 Chrome series includes, the Chrome Soft, Chrome Tour, and Chrome Tour X. Each ball is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of golfers, setting a new gold standard for performance.

Chrome Soft

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Ball on a golf tee

The Chrome Soft, is tailored for the aspirational golfer. Catering to players who seek control around the green, forgiveness and a plush feel. In a complete reengineered design, the Chrome Soft features a Hyper Fast Soft Core, which allows it to deliver an exceptionally fast ball speed for impressive distance. While its Seamless Tour Aero ensures stable ball flights in any condition. The High-Performance Tour Urethane Soft Cover provides outstanding greenside spin and control. Notably, the Chrome Soft boasts a softer cover for enhanced feel, coupled with a new surface geometry for added distance off the tee, and impressive stability against the wind. Thus offering a perfect balance of control, forgiveness, and a soft feel for regular golfers.

Chrome Tour

Callaway Golf Chrome Tour Golf Ball in front of a putter

The core-to-cover reengineering by Callaway is evident in the Chrome Tour. Replacing the Chrome Soft XLS, the Chrome Tour was engineered to provide exceptional speed, consistent flight, and remarkable spin and greenside control. Its unique design incorporates a Hyper Fast Soft Core, maintaining ball speed while offering a slightly softer feel. Crafted for golfers desiring both a soft touch and the precision needed for advanced play, this ball strikes a perfect balance for optimal performance. The Chrome Tour addresses the needs of high-spin players, offering a higher launch and less spin for improved distance and control. With its cutting-edge technology, the Chrome Tour stands as a testament to Callaway’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in the golf ball market.

Chrome Tour X

Callaway Golf Chrome Tour X Golf Ball lying in grass

Chrome Tour X, born from the Chrome Soft X platform. Taking things up a notch with more ball speed and a softer cover for solid engagement around the green. It caters to those who desire a tour-level golf ball with maximum distance, workability, and spin. The Chrome Tour X excels in speed, featuring the highest compression in its class. The unique dimple pattern complements the overall design, ensuring a penetrating ball flight and maintaining spin within the desired window. The Chrome Tour X, a standout in Callaway’s 2024 golf ball lineup, redefines the expectations for performance-oriented players. The innovative dimple pattern, aids in workability but also mitigates lift associated with added spin, ensuring a longer ball flight. Golfers can expect outstanding distance, workability, and spin from tee to green, making the Chrome Tour X a top choice for those aiming to achieve their best performance on the course.

Callaway Golf’s 2024 golf ball lineup represents a new era of excellence. From the Chrome Soft designed for aspirational players to the Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X tailored for more advanced players, each ball promises an new golfing experience. Purchase a dozen today at

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