California State Bear Golf Balls

TaylorMade TP5 My Symbol California State Bear Golf Balls

If you’re a California resident and love to go golfing, then this ball is perfect for you! Get one of the best balls in golf now with the California State Bear logo.

TaylorMade has developed a Tour ball that combines a soft feel with high spin, delivering exceptional control and precision, especially when it matters most—close to the pin.

The TP5 stands out as the Most Complete Tour Ball in Golf for a reason—it is unlike any other. With its unique 5-layer construction, this ball offers unmatched performance off the tee, from the fairway, and around the green. No matter what challenges the golf course presents, the TP5 is the superior choice for all shots.

New Tour Flight Dimple Pattern
The introduction of the new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern takes aerodynamics to the next level, ensuring maximum carry distances across all skill levels.

5-Layer Construction

TaylorMade’s proprietary 5-layer ball construction is the key to achieving enhanced speed without compromising spin performance. The larger and more reactive Tri-Fast Core maximizes carry and reduces drag, while the Dual-Spin Cover, made of ultra-soft and durable cast urethane, provides complete performance from the tee to the green. The result is a ball that launches quickly, travels great distances, and offers a steep angle of descent, resulting in excellent stopping power, particularly with long irons.

Speed-Layer System
The Speed-Layer System consists of four increasingly stiff layers that generate higher ball speeds. This system translates into greater carry distance off the tee, improved wind control, and increased spin around the greens.

High-Flex Material (HFM)

TP5 incorporates a revolutionary material known as High-Flex Material (HFM), which boosts ball speeds through an enhanced rebound effect. Acting like a tightly wound spring, HFM builds energy and quickly rebounds, resulting in higher ball speeds.

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