Always Have Straight Puts With The Updated SeeMore Putter!

One of the hot topics of conversation in the world of putting is the updated SeeMore MFGP20 putter, a variant of the flagship model from SeeMore Putters out of Memphis Tennessee.

Now, this putter is set up a little bit differently than other putters. It has a shaft that’s black though the last quarter of it and it’s got a red dot in the back a well as a line in the front.

We call this the rifle scope design which is a technology that SeeMore has for their putters and what it does is it allows you, when you set up your putter, to be consistent by always being square to your target as well as have the correct loft.

With this design, it is exceptionally easy to line up the face of your club and make sure you are hitting the right direction.

All you do is place the putter face right behind the ball and when you look down you will know when you are square when you can no longer see the red dot under the shaft.

If you can see it, this means that you are not lined up correctly and that you need to adjust the clubface.

Once you no longer see the red dot then you can go ahead and take your shot knowing that you are lined up to the hole.

This putter is going to bring you consistency each time you putt and is a great purchase for any golfer looking for a more reliable putter that will help their game.

Learn More about and check out the SeeMore Putter here.

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