Golf bags under $200.00

Heading into 2020, there are tons of affordable golf bags packed with all the features you need without breaking the bank. The great thing about being closer to the year 2020 is that rapid growth in technological advances is contributing to better quality products for consumers to have access to including golf bags. From the high-quality fabrics used to the handy storage compartments, we’re excited to show you a few of the many options available on Morton Golf Sales. First up on our list is the Mizuno Golf BR-D3 2020 Stand Bag. One of the main reasons to consider this… [Continue Reading “Golf bags under $200.00”]

6 Golf Clubs That Influenced The Industry

With each new product release, every golf company seems to tote about the revolutionary technology their product features. Manufacturers are always promising these new advancements will revolutionize the industry. If every clubbed delivered on their promises, we would all be shooting a lot less out on the golf course. How many of these “advancements” actually lived up to the hype? Today we will take a look back on the clubs that truly did shape the industry. 1975 Cobra Baffler Founded in 1973, Cobra created the first “hybrid” golf club called the Cobra Baffler in 1975. This unique design was utilized… [Continue Reading “6 Golf Clubs That Influenced The Industry”]