2022 Wilson Staff Triad Golf Balls—Available February 15th

Triad delivers powerful, precision performance that helps you find fairways, attack pins, and sink putts. TRUST IN TRIAD Triad delivers powerful, precision performance that helps you find fairways, attack pins and sink putts. Triad is engineered for long, stable flight, tenacious control on approach shots and pinpoint accuracy for straighter putts. HIGH MOI DESIGN Triad’s high MOI design moves weight from the core to the outer layers of the golf ball resulting in faster ball speed and lower driver spin for a more stable ball flight and more fairways hit. ULTRA-THIN CAST URETHANE COVER The ultra-thin cast urethane cover engages… [Continue Reading “2022 Wilson Staff Triad Golf Balls—Available February 15th”]

Golf bags under $200.00

Heading into 2020, there are tons of affordable golf bags packed with all the features you need without breaking the bank. The great thing about being closer to the year 2020 is that rapid growth in technological advances is contributing to better quality products for consumers to have access to including golf bags. From the high-quality fabrics used to the handy storage compartments, we’re excited to show you a few of the many options available on Morton Golf Sales. First up on our list is the Mizuno Golf BR-D3 2020 Stand Bag. One of the main reasons to consider this… [Continue Reading “Golf bags under $200.00”]

Price Drop on Wilson D300 Irons

The next generation of FLX Face Technology allow for 76% of the face to be completely free from the body, delivering maximum bend and a powerful launch. With visible technology around the entire face, the Power Holes filled with TE031 Urethane allow the face to flex upon impact for improved feel, with a crisp, pure, recognizable sound for distance and accuracy. Product FeaturesFLX Face technology: The ground breaking FLX Face technology minimizes contact points between the thin face and club head for maximum face flex upon impact. Power Holes: Filled with TE031 Urethane, the power holes allow the face to… [Continue Reading “Price Drop on Wilson D300 Irons”]