WITB: J.T. Poston Wins The 2022 John Deere Classic

J.T. Poston Wins 1.28 Million At The John Deere Classic The total purse for the 2022 John Deere Classic was $7.1 million. That means even the 69th place golfer got $14,697, which is not bad… However, after winning the tournament on July 3rd, J.T. Poston took home a reported 1.28 million dollars. Yes, he must have the best secret sauce for winning. If you want to know What’s In The Bag of J.T. Poston that keeps him victorious, keep reading. J.T. Poston’s Bag was filled with all types of golf goodies that you can find at Mortongolfsales. We added the… [Continue Reading “WITB: J.T. Poston Wins The 2022 John Deere Classic”]