How To Save Money When Buying Golf Equipment

Everyone loves saving money. There are few things as satisfying as making a brand new purchase at a great price. It is especially satisfying when that new purchase is some new golf equipment that you’ll get to use. However, it can be hard to know if you’re getting a good deal or not sometimes. Today we are going to cover some strategies for saving your wallet this year. While some of these strategies are not universal in the golf industry, most of them will be useful to any golfer.

Subscribe to Email Newsletters

No one likes email spam. However, some email newsletters, especially Morton Golf ones, are incredibly useful for learning about promotions and sales. Online newsletters will advertise the latest deals and often feature exclusive promo codes. This strategy works for nearly all golf equipment and for booking tee times. Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict what sales will be coming up. Nonetheless, this is one of the easiest strategies to save some money and find excellent deals.

Shop Near Holidays

If you’re looking to save some money, it’s a good idea to look around holidays. Many companies including Morton Golf will do promotions for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc. These times of the year usually feature more sales than usual. Christmas and Black Friday are especially great times to save money. Maybe this winter, pick something up for yourself for the holidays.

Shop After New Product Releases

Often the release of a new product means the last generation will be marked down. It can be a great time to pick up that product you were eyeing. Obviously, this strategy only works if you’re willing to not get the latest and greatest models. Most golf companies launch a new product at the beginning of the year. Check stores around January and February to see if new product launches have dropped the cost of last year’s models. Haggin Oaks, for example, does an after Christmas sale. Many models are priced down in anticipation for the new product launches. It can be an excellent opportunity to utilize any holiday gift cards you received.

Go to Haggin Oaks Golf Expo

This strategy works exclusively for locals. However, this event is a great opportunity to find great deals. America’s largest demo days usually occurs the last weekend of April. Hundreds of retailers participate. Many offer exclusive deals. Most of the major club manufacturers offer fitting services during the event as well. Be sure to schedule these well in advance though if you’re in the market for new clubs. It is also the one time of the year that Haggin Oaks sets up their used club tent. Inside are tens of thousands of used golf clubs. Many of them are in excellent condition and marked down drastically. It is probably the best place to purchase an inexpensive set.

How To Save Money On Golf Tee Times

Today it feels as if there are a million ways to schedule tee times. Most golf courses have moved to dynamic pricing, which makes it hard to even ballpark costs. It is always changing. To help with all this confusion we have created a guide to help you navigate to the best possible pricing available for tee bookings.

Let’s start with the cheapest time to golf. The absolute cheapest tee times for the entire week are going to be an hour before sunset. Obviously, this exact time changes throughout the year but all of the Morton Golf courses and most courses, in general, will offer price discounts in order to fill out the final tee times of the day. If you’re trying to save some money maybe reschedule that weekly Sunday morning round to Sunday afternoon.

Okay, so ending your round when its getting dark doesn’t sound appealing. I get it. What are your other options? Well, try playing in the afternoon in general than. Even if you’re teeing off in the early afternoon, it’s still going to be cheaper than in the morning. This strategy isn’t limited to the weekend either. Afternoons are cheaper than mornings during the entire week.

Furthermore, if your dead set on playing in the morning, then try playing on the weekdays as opposed to the weekends. Morning weekends are the most popular times and are subsequently the most expensive. Playing on the weekdays are going to be much less expensive.

Now that you know the best times to schedule your tee time, how should you go about scheduling it? The best deals are always going to be available online. For the Morton Golf courses, go to the course’s website and book a tee time online. These prices are going to be cheaper than calling to book a time or scheduling a tee time in person.

It is possible to save even more money with coupon codes and promo codes. These codes are available through a variety of social media platforms. The most reliable way to ensure you always stay up to date with promotions and sales is to sign up for the mailing list. Morton Golf has separate mailing lists for each of our courses. To sign up simply go to the courses corresponding website or ask a cashier at the course to sign you up.