PING G410 Driver Review

Today we’re looking at the brand new PING G410 driver which is one of our very best selling woods. They’re extremely long-distance oriented and even more forgiving which is perfect for golfers of all skill levels!

PING is a family full of engineers starting with Karsten Solheim then his son John Solheim and his son John K Solheim who are all engineers and they believe wholeheartedly in research and development. All of that research and development has led to this driver that is extremely effective and it has four key elements that allow it to have such an impact on your game.

1. Speed Bumps on the Leading Edge

These speed bumps on the leading edge of the crown are as a result of work that PING is doing with Arizona State University. What they found is that when they actually rippled the air going over the top of the golf club the aerodynamics of it sped up the golf swing with the bumps when compared to a driver without them. These little bumps actually add between 1 and 2 miles per hour in clubhead speed to your swing which translates to more distance for your drives.

2. Butterfly Wing Inspired Design

The next piece is actually on the inside of the crown. If you were to look underneath it would actually look much like the wing of a butterfly or dragonfly with ridges that run across that give it nice stability but in between those ridges they have made it as thin as they can possibly make it with drivers. They have done this because you want as little weight on the top of the golf club and as much weight on the bottom of the golf club as you can so that you can create a nice high trajectory and make the moment of inertia higher. This allows them to take much of that weight and move it to the back of the golf club, making the club much more forgiving.

3. Forged Club Face

The next big element is actually the face of the club. A typical driver has a cast face, but in this particular case, PING has actually forged the face of their driver. This is a bit more common in irons but very few drivers have forged faces. Forging actually takes a piece of metal and then presses it under dozens of tons of pressure making it microscopically thinner and allowing it to have a more trampoline effect without losing any rigidity or cause it to fail. Forging the face allows them to get right up to the USGA limit of the coefficient of restitution and get the maximum distance possible out with the help fo the face of the club.

4. Adjustable Tungsten Weight

Last but not least they have a brand new element that’s on the back of the club. PING has always been into custom fittings and this is a new element that they put in on their new drivers. On the very back, you’re actually going to see a large tungsten weight attached to the back that can come off of the golf club and has three different settings options that you can use to adjust the club to your swing and promote different ball flights. There’s a standard-setting, a fade setting, and a draw setting.

This weight is extremely heavy for its size and is made from tungsten which is about four times heavier than titanium so it really drives a lot of the weight backward. Depending on which setting you put it on, it will actually promote right-to-left ball flight or left-to-right ball flight and that weight is important also because, as we talked about, the center of gravity in the golf club (the heaviest part of the club) is pushed towards the back which is going to move that CG away from the face and back towards the back of the club which is going to give you a much straighter and more forgiving driver.

Overall, the PING G410 is a great game improvement driver for players of almost any skill level! I’d encourage you to get this new ping G410 driver, it’s fantastic, and definitely one of our best sellers for a reason. You can check it out can here!

PING Introduces G410 LST Driver Featuring Lower Spin and a Higher MOI

PING announced the expansion of its G410 driver family today with the release of the G410 LST, a high-MOI driver engineered to produce low, stable spin with the shot-shaping control provided by the company’s innovative movable-weight technology.

The multi-material driver is available for pre-order through and custom fitting at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop in Sacramento, CA, an authorized PING golf shop and around the world.

“With the tremendous success of the G410 Plus and SFT drivers introduced earlier this year, we’re pleased to add the highly anticipated G410 LST model to the line-up in time for the summer golf season,” said John K. Solheim, PING President. “It took us a little longer than planned but that was only because our first iteration didn’t out-perform the G400 LST. We re-worked the design to meet our performance improvement standards and are excited to get the G410 LST driver into golfer’s hands.”

“The head size is slightly smaller than the Plus model and the CG is positioned to reduce spin several hundred rpm while still providing extremely high forgiveness,” Solheim added. “The combination of lower spin and more stability plus the ability to dial in the shot shape with our movable-weight technology greatly expands the types of golfers who can benefit from the technology of the G410 LST driver. As always, we encourage golfers to undergo a thorough custom fitting with a trained PING Fitting Specialist to determine which G410 driver model best fits their game.”

Low, stable spin
The G410 LST shares the movable-weight technology introduced in the G410 Plus model. The CG position is slightly forward of the G410 Plus in all three positions (Draw, Neutral, Fade), leading to spin reduction of approximately 200 to 400 rpm, depending on shaft choice and a golfer’s launch conditions. Each weight position shifts the CG location by 1/10″ in each direction from neutral, influencing left or right shot direction approximately 10 yards (20 yards of correction between Draw and Fade settings).

“The addition of the movable-weight technology in our low-spin driver option allows us to fit a wider range of golfers,” said Solheim. “A perfect example is a high-swing-speed player who battles a miss to the right. In that case, the combination of placing the weight in the draw position and the lower spin greatly improves dispersion and leads to increased ball speed for more distance.”

Patented Dragonfly Technology on the inside creates an ultra-thin crown structure, saving weight, which is moved to the extreme boundary of the clubhead to increase the MOI by 3% (compared to the G400 LST) for added ball speed and forgiveness.

Fast and powerful shape
At 450cc, the G410 LST driver features a more rounded, pear-shaped design and combines with more efficient Turbulator Technology for advanced aerodynamics, leading to increased clubhead speed. Its “Tour Square” face sits slightly open and the score-line pattern frames the impact area to aid in alignment. The creased crown design provides a clean and powerful look at address.
Forged, T9S+ face

The unique forging and patented heat-treatment process of the T9S+ face powers a thinner, hotter impact area that is precision machined to elevate ball speed across the entire face for more flexing and faster ball speeds. The forged face and the internal geometry of the head are instrumental in producing the powerful feel and sound of the driver.

Trajectory Tuning 2.0
The patented lightweight and aerodynamic adjustable hosel expands from five to eight settings, offering loft (0, +1⁰, +1.5⁰, -1⁰, -1.5⁰) and lie adjustments (including up to 3⁰ flatter than standard) to optimize ball flight.
“The expansion of the loft options is a tremendous benefit for all golfers, and the flatter lie angles add another layer of opportunity for expert club fitters to really fine-tune a golfer’s driver,” said Solheim.

Multiple shaft options
Four high-performance shaft options are available at no upcharge and ensure a shaft-fitting solution to match the launch conditions of all golfers. The PING Tour 65 & 75 (lower launch, low spin, stable feel) and the counter-balanced PING Alta CB Red 55 (high-launching, lightweight) are developed in house by PING engineers. For popular custom after-market options, golfers can choose the Project X EvenFlow Black 75 (low launch, low spin) and Mitsubishi Tensei™ CK Orange 60 (mid launch angle, low spin).

G410 LST Driver Specifications:

  • Multi-material construction: Cast Ti 8-1-1 body, forged T9S+ face, high-density tungsten back weight, lightweight aluminum/thermoplastic adjustable hosel
  • G410 LST loft options: 9⁰, 10.5⁰
  • Head volume: 450 cc
  • Head weight: 208g
  • Swing weight: D4
  • Std. lengths: 45.75″ (PING Alta CB Red), 45.25” (PING Tour & Aftermarkets)
  • Loft adjustability: 5 settings: +-1.5⁰ (0, +1⁰, +1.5⁰, -1⁰, -1.5⁰)
  • Lie adjustability: Up to 3⁰ (Std: 57.0⁰)
  • Stock shaft option: PING Alta CB Red (Soft R, R, S, X)
  • No-upcharge shaft options: PING Tour 65, 75 (R, S, X), Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange 60 (R, S, X), Project X Evenflow Black 75 (5.5, 6.0, 6.5)
  • Stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 in six sizes: Blue -1/16″, Red -1/32″, Aqua -1/64″, White Std., Gold +1/32″, Orange +1/16″
  • Arccos Smart Grips (upcharge): Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 in two sizes (White Std., Aqua -1/64”)
  • U.S. MSRP: $540