Escape Room Meets Miniature Golf!

Escape Rooms are an exploding industry. These rooms challenge players to work with others to get out of the room. Typically players are only given an hour to escape and accomplish any other goals they need to. Is it possible to create an escape room centered around golf? Plonk Golf in London seems to think so. Plonk Golf in London has taken miniature golfing to the next level. Check this video and see how insanely fun this is. While we have escape rooms in the United States, we have yet to have something as unique and cool as this. I… [Continue Reading “Escape Room Meets Miniature Golf!”]

All-Time Greatest Miniature Golf Courses

I understand miniature golf and regular golf are not exactly identical twins. However, they are at least in the same family. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the craziest, wackiest, coolest, and most fun miniature golf courses from around the globe. Now my boss didn’t allow me to travel around the world to play each of these courses (Believe me, I asked!) so I wasn’t able to put this list into any particle order. Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf (Branson, MO) This unique course brings the thrills of Hollywood to Branson, Missouri. Through 18-holes of fun miniature golf,… [Continue Reading “All-Time Greatest Miniature Golf Courses”]