Sandpaper Attached to Wedge?

It’s common knowledge that wedges should produce spin. It is difficult to find explanations for how the grooves on a wedge produce spin. Most people say grooves increase friction. Does that mean a wedge with extreme friction would be excellent? To find the answer, we built a sandpaper wedge and tested it against a normal wedge. Research: Researching why wedges have grooves yields a wide assortment of differing answers. Therefore, for this section, we will stick to the cold hard facts. Nearly everyone agrees that grooves were originally introduced to deal with the grass and debris that comes between the… [Continue Reading “Sandpaper Attached to Wedge?”]

3 reasons you should subscribe to the Morton Golf Sales Youtube Channel

We are extremely grateful to have over 649,000 videos views on our channel. It is very exciting to know that in our community and around the world there are so many people that share the same love of Golf as we do! It has motivated our team to put in additional effort into creating more video content that we hope will benefit you. Our goal with the channel is to provide you with as much value as possible. Here are a few reasons why you should consider subscribing to the Morton Golf Sales Youtube Channel. … [Continue Reading “3 reasons you should subscribe to the Morton Golf Sales Youtube Channel”]

Blade vs. Cavity-Backed Irons

There is nothing that compares to the look of sleek and smooth blades in your golf bag. Yet, we all know there is more consistency and forgiveness to be had with cavity-backed and hybrid irons. How much assistance does a cavity-backed iron really offer? To find out, we compared the Titleist 718 AP1 cavity-backed irons to the Titleist 718 MB blade iron. Research: There are multiple types of irons. The most common types are cavity-backed, muscle-backed, and hybrid irons. Cavity-backed and hybrid irons are categorized as “game improvement” clubs. That means that they are designed for maximum forgiveness. “Game improvement”… [Continue Reading “Blade vs. Cavity-Backed Irons”]