A MATERIAL DIFFERENCE IN PERFORMANCE WITH GREAT BIG BERTHA 23 Great Big Bertha 23 has just arrived in time for spring. So spring into action and read this article to learn about the Callaway’s latest series. Great Big Bertha 23 Drivers Our most technologically advanced driver utilizes an ultra-lightweight chassis and easy-to-swing design to increase club head speed and overall distance. Legendary Great Big Bertha Distance from an Innovative, Lightweight Design This easy-to-swing driver is engineered with an ultra-lightweight design for unmatched distance characteristics. It’s nearly 30g lighter than a tour driver, and it’s an ideal option for golfers who… [Continue Reading “GREAT BIG BERTHA 23 IS HERE”]

Introducing Callaway Great Big Bertha Line – Now Available for Pre-Sale

Callaway Great Big Bertha lineup of clubs is now available for pre-sale! The new Great Big Bertha Family is designed to create a material difference in performance in the ultra-premium category. Our industry-leading R&D team has provided the absolute best in innovation and design, combining high-caliber materials and world-class construction for game-enhancing performance. These innovations are implemented so players can experience the legendary qualities that the Great Big Bertha name evokes: more speed, easy distance, and more quality golf shots.  Great Big Bertha Driver The new Great Big Bertha Driver evokes its legendary name by implementing industry-leading technologies and adapting them… [Continue Reading “Introducing Callaway Great Big Bertha Line – Now Available for Pre-Sale”]