How To Master The Pimento Cheese Sandwich

First things first: what is a pimento cheese sandwich? If you’ve ever gone to a golf tournament, chances are there was a pimento cheese sandwich listed on the menu in the restaurant. The pimento cheese sandwich is a mainstay for both players and spectators because of its legacy, tracing back to one of golf’s biggest tournaments. The Masters Tournament, one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, held annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, is particularly famous for its pimento cheese sandwiches. The club has been serving these sandwiches to its patrons since the 1930s, and… [Continue Reading “How To Master The Pimento Cheese Sandwich”]

Use Tito’s Vodka for an Azalea Cocktail

The Azalea Cocktail with Tito’s Vodka may not be the official cocktail of the Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Course. But judging by the number of attendees with one in hand, it sure seems like it. The rumor on how the cocktail came to be is a combination of urban legend and what seems to be the big pink Azalea on the course. In fact, there are Azaleas in bloom everywhere on the Augusta National Golf Course during the Masters Tournament. However, Azaleas are blooming all over the southern region of the United States of America during the… [Continue Reading “Use Tito’s Vodka for an Azalea Cocktail”]